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Albertsons and Safeway Corporate Office

Full information about Albertsons and Safeway Corporate Office — 20427 North 27th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85027 Arizona 85027

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20427 North 27th Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona

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+1 623-869-6100

Finance Accounting


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    Have been trying all week to get a response from Safeway to find out if they will make a donation to our school - had the Tax ID. Proof of Status, etc. etc. Under eScrip we used to be able to show that our supporters spend over $1M a year with Safeway, and that we were a Safeway eScrip Top 100 School 2 years in a row, now, with eScrip cancelled there is no reminder and the over $8,000 we used to receive yearly through Safeway eScrip as our part of the symbiotic relationship is gone. Now, we asked for $150 for the year and were denied. I was told that the store only has $500 to spend on everyone for the REST OF THE YEAR. Which is some kind of BS - especially when you consider that it is money in the store - so $150 "donated" isn't really $150 to Safeway. And even if there is only $500, shouldn't their neighborhood school be a good candidate for some or does all the money have to go to the golf tournament? (I have spent over $150 per week at Safeway for years, as my Safeway card can attest.) This is TERRIBLE Corporate Policy. TERRIBLE P.R. AND the assurance that the last store manager gave us that this kind of thing wouldn't happen, that Safeway would respect the relationships that were abandoned when the eScrip program was stopped apparently was only good as long as that manager was at our store, and she is gone now. She knew who came in...
    By Leeann S, October 10, 2017
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